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Trendy Product In Covid

Ideal For Remote Teaching & Meeting

Camera:1200W built-in Video Camera
Screens:4K Ultra-High-Definition
System:Android 8.0/9.0/11 and Windows 10/11

Supported Softwares

Any remote Teaching & Meeting softwares that can be installed on Windows And Android Can be installed in Qeoyo Board.

Zoom Meeting
Goole Meet
Google Cloud
Qeoyo Smart Teaching Solution​

Classes Anywhere

Qeoyo Board you wirelessly connect your Students to share materials and collaborate in real-time from anywhere​

Interactive Education

With Qeoyo Board,Teacher can provides various online class activity for student engagement to make education alive and interactive.

Cloud Resources

With Google Cloud, Teachers can import images, video, PowerPoint presentations and other multimedia files to the cloud storage and used in Qeoyo Board.

Qeoyo Remote Meeting Solution​

Qeoyo Solution lets you wirelessly connect your team to share materials and collaborate in real-time from anywhere, using any device. Simple and secure, no more wasting time on meeting connectivity issues.

Distributor Wanted

Distributor wanted worldwide!

If you have a showroom, you are welcome to be our distributor in your region and enjoy a distributor discount in each order!

Guangzhou Qeoyo Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing Interactive Whiteboard Panel,multi screens smartboards,and Intelligent nano blackboard.And lets have a quick view of our company through the video!